Daniel Sauder – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Bobby Faris – Vocals, Guitar
Andrew Shumaker – Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Sauder – Bass, Vocals
Bryan Grumbach – Drums


Tedrow is a blues rock band from Clemson, South Carolina. When friends and guitar players Daniel Sauder, Bobby Faris, and Andrew Shumaker started jamming and writing songs in the spring of 2016, the foundation for the band was laid. When bassist Andrew Sauder moved to Clemson a few months later, the band began rehearsing covers and hashing out original tunes, mostly drawing from influences like The Rolling Stones, Needtobreathe, and Tom Petty. Tedrow has since gone on to play shows in the Clemson area as well as shows in northern Ohio near Tedrow, Ohio, the town where the Sauder brothers got their musical start as church musicians. The band was named Tedrow as a tribute to their roots in the community. With the addition of Bryan Grumbach on drums in 2017, the band was ready to record for the first time at the Brooks Center for the Performing Arts in Clemson. Tedrow will release their opening single “Last Girl” in February 2018, and they plan to release an EP in May 2018. Fans of the Black Crowes, the Delta Saints, and the Black Keys will appreciate the driving rhythms, bluesy melodies, and energetic performances of Tedrow. (excerpt taken literally from FB page)